intraisass   [Italian only]
Magazine of literature, alpinism and visual arts. Today it's probably the best Italian source of news from the alpine world that you can find on Internet. It's updated on a daily basis.
Scuola di Alpinismo e Scialpinismo Silvio Saglio - CAI SEM   [Italian only]
The web site of one of the best Italian mountaineering schools, founded in 1958 by the SEM associate Silvio Saglio. The school holds the courses of alpinism, rock climbing, sport climbing, ice falls climbing, advanced ski touring and advanced alpinism
Skirando is an interactive site for those who practice all levels of ski touring. In the latest years it's become the reference point for all the friends who do ski touring. Even more, thanks to Skirando, our group of friends of this beautiful sport has been extended beyond the state lines.
SummitPost was created by two americans in march 2001 and has become in a short time very popular. The idea is simple: provide a web space where people all around the world can contribute with their own information about any mountain deserving some space on the web. The result is now a database of more than 1300 mountains with summit logs, routes, pictures, and a number of subscribers that has reached 12000 units