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Welcome to Climberland! A web site designed by a group of friends who love alpinism where to find many mountain pictures. A way to let other mountaineers take a direct look to the routes we've climbed and the places we've been to in these years

  October 2013  

A small but significant update of Climberland: Diretta del Popolo and Diretta Giulio Fiorelli route at piz Badile, Bonatti Mazeaud at Petit Jorasses.
September 2011

It's been a long time since the last update, however, Climberland never dies! So here it is: Cassin route at piz Badile, Grey Pillar route at Mulaz in the Dolomites, Fasana, a winter ascent, Oceano Irrazionale in Val di Mello, via degli Inglesi at Piz Badile.
June 2008

First update 2007 with the climb of the Supercouloir at Mont Blanc du Tacul, which was dedicated to our friend Marcello Meroni
August 2007

First update of summer 2007 with two outings. One on ice (Soresini at Piz PalŁ) and one on granite rock (Ringo Star at NW wall of Piz Badile). Yeah, the mixed one is missing but it might come later on.
All the details in the section News
12 October 2006

Last and definitive update of the 2006 summer outings.
All the details in the section News
19 June 2006

Here it is the first update of the 2006 summer season. This time I decided to publish the material as soon as it is available without waiting September. I just hope this is the first of a long series of the summer 2006 outings

Let's start with a forgotten route of 50 years ago on the South wall of Mount Disgrazia
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