Piz Badile - ENE Face - Diretta del Popolo route

"We named it Diretta del Popolo; a name that is an auspice for it to become "popular" and repeated. Indeed, it really deserves to be known and climbed! It's a route that, in only 11 pitches, resolves a cracks system in the center of the wall. It runs between the Koller route and the Corti one, to finally end on some beautiful diheadral, on the highest point of the East North East wall".
Tarcisio Fazzini, July 1987

This time I made my mind to climb the Diretta del Popolo, with a brand new mate, the great Saro. Benigno asked me to climb together the Felice Battaglia, on the same wall. "Hey Ben, I've already agreed to climb the diretta!". On Sunday I'm at the Resinelli, just hanging around, doing nothing, a few words with Marco... "Hey, that's fantastic, I'm coming with you!" he told me. So, to make it short, we are three parties to rappel down the wall form the Cengalo Col, I bet no one ever witnessed such a crowd on this wall. It's going to be another beautiful day

Climbed by Marco, Andrea, Saro and Lorenz on August 8th 2012

Pictues and text by Lorenz