Pizzo Badile - NW Wall - Ringo Star route

Ringo Star, a mythical route on the NW face of Piz Badile. Opened by Tarcisio Fazzini, his cousin Ottavio and Tita Gianola, back in August 1985, e real gem through the 800 meters of the NW wall terminating with the "Magnificent", an amazing dihedral almost 200 meters high always from 5b to 6a. I climbed this beautiful route with Valerio, together with Benigno and Marco following us.
Ring Star is a difficult route with several hard passages both on slab and crack, to be climbed with a full backpack. Only few pitons on the way, you always have to search for the right direction, especially in the mid part where there are several alternate lines one can follow.

Climbed by Valerio, Lorenz, Benigno and Marco on 28 July 2007

Pictures and text by Lorenz