Ski Mountaineering 2003/2004

What is ski mountaineering in few words ? A tough question if you don't want to strictly rely on the technical side only. Ski mountaineering is the most intense and also poetic way of living the mountain in its winter look; it's a way to visit new valleys and remote places of the Alps that normally you wouldn't visit in summertime; it's a way to escape from your daily life even for one day only and to lose yourself into magical and immaculate sceneries, perhaps even more than you could normally do while doing classic alpinism; it's a way sometimes dangerous to climb mountains; it's a fantastic way to socialize, to grow your friendships and to live great emotions with your friends. But maybe, more than the poor words of the author, our ski mountaineering is all the pictures showed here below

These pages are dedicated to our beloved friend Emilio who disappeared on 2004 May the 16th on Grand Combin.

Pictures by various authors
Text by Lorenz