Koenig Spitze (Gran Zebrù) - West face - Soldato alle Pale Rosse

Sometimes an idea arrives, turns into a dream that becomes a project. It just takes the right moment to realize it but it can even take years before doing it. Sometimes an idea arrives, you create the project gathering the necessary information and you make it come true, all this in just few days, even less than a week. This is the case, for instance, of this ascent to Koenig Spitze along a route that until today counted one only repetition, it seems, but I fear this ain't true.
"Soldato alle Pale Rosse" had been opened in July 1995 by M.Cerri and D.Chiesa, 500 meters of icy slopes and broken rocks on 45 degree as avarage inclination, that take right at the secondary summit where the Suldegrat ends.
Taking advantage of this mild winter season, Valerio and I went to climb it finding not so good conditions anyway, hard to believe, due to too scanty snow and high temperatures.

Climbed by Valerio and Lorenz on 14 January 2007

Pictures and text by Lorenz